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Fitness Center Rules

Management reserves the right to revoke access to anyone who violates the rules.

Access to the Fitness Center

You must have a current BYU–Hawaii ID to enter the fitness center.

  • Must be a current FULL-TIME student or FULL-TIME employee.
  • Spouses of full-time students or employees and senior missionaries are welcome.
  • Full-time students will enter ID# into database to verify entrance, while everyone else must present your BYUH ID card to Fitness Center attendant for entrance. You will not be allowed to enter if ID is expired.
  • Dependent children are not allowed. This includes waiting in the lobby area while you are working out.
  • You may not share your BYUH ID or number, or use someone else’s BYUH ID or number to gain entrance into the Fitness Center. Misuse of BYUH ID will be reported to the Office of Honor.
  • Lockers are for use only while in the Fitness Center. A lock will be cut off if left on a locker overnight.


A towel is required. Towels are used to keep sweat from dripping onto and rusting/ruining Fitness Center mechanical and electrical equipment. T-shirts or Paper Towels is not an acceptable replacement. See Why Do I Need a Towel? for more information.

The towels on the machines are used to disinfect equipment. Only use Simple Green cleaning solution.


Leave the Fitness Center neat and organized. Return weights, bars, and equipment to proper storage space/rack that you took them from. This includes cable attachments, accessories, weight stacks, safety collars, safety bars, bands, rings, towels, spray bottles, etc.

Weight Room and Cardio Equipment

  • Use the equipment properly. Misusing the equipment can result in injury and/or expensive repairs; follow directions and instructions.
  • Patrons must have a spotter for all overhead lifts (lying, sitting, or standing) and Squats.
  • NO gum, food, drinks (closed container with water in the cardio room allowed), toothpicks, or bags inside weight room or cardio room.
  • At high-frequency times allow others to “work in” their sets on a weight room machine you may be using too.
  • Do not use weights while on cardio equipment. Accidents happen and this can damage expensive equipment.
  • Patrons are required to clean each machine they use, including free weights, benches, medicine balls, etc.
  • Ask for assistance from the Fitness Center staff if you are unfamiliar with the equipment.
  • Do not touch televisions.
  • Respectfully request a channel or volume change. Volume is adjusted to minimize interference with other TV.
  • The channels will remain on sports or news channels. Sporting events on different channels are allowed but must be changed when regular programming is resumed.
  • Cardiovascular equipment use is limited to 30 minutes when people are waiting.
  • Patrons must exit the Fitness Center promptly at closing times.


Always have a spotter for ALL overhead lifts and squats. This includes standing, sitting, and laying lifts. For the safety of all involved, NO spotters for Olympic Lifts, but they must be done on the Platforms with bumper plates.

Cell Phones and Dress Code

Please refer to Cell Phone Policy and Dress Code for their respective guidelines. Individuals not adhering to these policies may be asked to leave the facility.